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Myology Basics

We are passionate about promoting orofacial health, and increasing awareness of the connection between the oral cavity and the rest of the body (oral systemic link). By educating the general public we can promote optimal oral health and wellbeing.


Prevention is better than cure! So many health problems can be prevented if we treat orofacial dysfunctional patterns early, but also what it may cost to make it better. To stop your worries and anxieties, take the first step in maintaining your oralfacial health. Have an Orofacial Myofunctional evaluation to find out if there is anything that requires correction or early attention, to help you prevent orofacial disease, dental, sleep, and breathing issues and help you maintain a healthier you.

Happy Smile

Write here about how OMT works

Nasal breathing

Write here about the importance of nasal breathing

Tongue up at rest

Write here about the importance of keeping the tongue up at rest

Lip competency

Write here about the importance of keeping the lips closed at rest

Correct swallowing patterns

Write here about the importance of having correct swallowing patterms

Children's Orofacial growth and development

Importance of all of the above for children orofacial growth and development

Mother with her Child
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