Here are a few words from some of our patients and colleagues...

“We have consulted with Yulli over the past year, and have learnt a great deal from her about orofacial myofunctional therapy. Our son has benefitted greatly from her approach. His sleep has improved, as well as the function and tone of his oral and facial muscles. Through this therapy, we have also been able to achieve mouth closure for our son as well as facial symmetry - this in itself has been a major achievement, as no past therapies have helped in this regard. We are very happy we found Yulli (she was highly recommended to us by another parent) and plan to continue consulting with her, and learning from her. 

J & B Scott"

J &B Scott, Patient's mum

“We started working with Yulli in May 2018.  My 12-year-old son has a diagnosis of autism and he suffered from poor focus, difficulty sleeping and his speech was both limited and often unclear.  After an initial assessment Yulli said that he had a tendency to mouth breathing.  I was impressed by Yulli’s professionalism, her knowledge of her specialist area and her ability to build an instant rapport with my son.  So we began the programme. 


Within two months we noticed a significant difference in three key areas.  My son was sleeping through the night for over eight hours regularly which was a huge improvement.  He was able to focus better and his communication went to a new level.  Now after five months he repeats pretty much everything I say and is starting to produce

spontaneous sentences.   As an additional benefit all of his other therapies are working better, his appetite has increased, and he eats a greater variety of foods. 


As parents of an autistic child we have tried many treatments and therapies over the years. Orofacial myofunctional therapy has been one of the most successful, fast-acting and cost-effective therapies we have discovered. I am now very excited to see what the future holds for my son in 2019.


Lorraine Dawson, mother of an autistic child"

L. D.  Patient's mum

“I have just completed my ninth week of OMT with Yulli. The way I swallow, the position of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and the function of the muscles on my face have improved throughout that time. This has required a lot of work and focus and I know that there is still a lot of work to be done.

At the beginning of this treatment, I knew that I was not functioning correctly and Yulli helped me to understand more precisely what I was going wrong. She has then showed me clearly week by week how I can improve. The guidance that I have received is invaluable. It is great to have someone to chat to who is passionate about improving you as well as knowledgeable about any struggles you might have and offering solutions for these. This is shown by the additional Buteyko breathing exercises she has shown me as well as ways to improve my posture.

As an adult, changing your oral myofunctional habits requires hard work. Having Yulli alongside you to make sure that the effort you put in is going to give you the best outcome is extremely reassuring and helps encourage you to improve further."

T. H./ Patient

“My two daughters are under treatment at the clinic, and their teeth look much better. Now they can sleep all night without problem with their breathing. Excellent staff, very friendly and high standards of service"

J. F, Patient's dad

“Yulli is a true inspiration. Having trained in Myofunctional Therapy myself, I was very nervous of jumping in and starting treatment. She offered me to shadow her at her office and welcome me with open arms. She's a friend for life and so glad I've found someone who shares this passion. MFT is a huge missing piece of the health puzzle and should not be overlooked. Thanks Yulli"

C. Smith, Dental Hygienist/Therapist & Myofunctional Therapist

“Yulli  was kind enough to allow me to shadow her before I applied to train as a Hygienist and Therapist myself. This insight was really valuable and her friendly and professional yet personable approach is why her patients feel at ease with her. She knows her stuff and is continually topping up her professional development to eep abreast of the latest evidence to utilise in her work. She is an excellent member of the dental profession and I trust her opinion and work "

D. K.  Dental Hygienist and Therapist

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