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Providing an introduction to the fundamentals of good Dental, Orofacial, and Airway Health.

Blowing up a baloon with MyoBreathe

Length:     5 weeks

Time:        6.30pm GMT for 30 minutes

Location:  Zoom, join us from your home

Cost:         £45 and includes the MyoBreathe™ toolkit required for each week

There have been many proven benefits to children practicing effective nasal breathing and good orofacial posture, these benefits include:
  • Calming breathing during the day and when asleep, minimising the risk of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and Sleep Apnea (SA), and helps reduce behavioural issues often associated with lack of sleep and tiredness
  • Improved oral health, helping prevent decay, gum inflammation and malocclusion
  • Improving orofacial muscle tone, making the lips, chewing musculature and tongue fit for their purposes
  • Helps children and adults stop mouth breathing, to prevent snoring, sleep disorders and more

Group 1


Commencing 5th January

Group 2


Commencing 8th February

Group 3


Commencing 10th March

Group 4


Commencing 13th April

Group 5


Commencing 17th May

Group 6


Commencing 16th June

Group 7


Commencing 7th September

Group 8


Commencing 11th October

Group 9


Commencing 10th November

Myofunctional Therapy UK is honoured to be subsidising these programmes, to help children learn the importance of nasal breathing and good oral postures.

Your donation allows us to continue this work and reach a wider audience.