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Full Orofacial  Assessment

Smile Check

Full Orofacial Assessment

This is an Orofacial Myofunctional, Dental Health and Airway Health, and Tethered Oral Tissues (oral ties) Assessment.

Up to1 hr 30 min

This can be done virtually or in a two-part consultation. The first part can be face-to-face for photos, measurements and workups, and the second part via videolink. Depending primarily on the location of the client.


During the consultation, medical and history of the patient, photos, videos and measurements will be assessed. We also assess:


  • Dental Health

  • Oral Hygiene

  • Oral Health

  • Oral and dental development 

  • Orofacial muscle tone and function

  • Sleep (quality of sleep, snoring, clenching, grinding) 

  • Tongue, lip and buccal ties

  • Lip seal

  • Nasal versus Oral Breathing

  • Tongue posture

  • Swallowing patterns

  • TMJ disorders

  • Speech disorders

  • Body posture including head posture


The outcome of the assessment will be verbally explained at the consultation, and an assessment report with photos and a written explanation will be emailed approximately two weeks after for the client’s records.


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