Orofacial Services

Smile Check

Full Orofacial  Assessment

This is a full Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders, Dental Health, Dental Hygiene and Tethered Oral Tissues (oral ties) Assessment.

Up to 90 min in total

This can be entirely virtual or a two-part consultation (1st visit F2F for work-ups, 2nd visit virtual with our lead clinical clinician)


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Newborn Baby


Infant OroBlend Assessment

This is an infant oral motor and Tethered Oral Tissues (oral restrictions) Assessment. This includes tongue, lips, and buccal ties, fascial and muscular restrictions, and oral motor functions.

After the assessment, a set of recommendations and blended techniques will be provided to get you and your baby started with good orofacial function, helping in the prevention of orofacial Myofunctional Disorders, Dental, oral, breathing and sleep issues.

Up to1 hour £260

Subsequent appointments are 30 minutes long and charged at £130 pay as you go or 10% off for a package of 6 sessions (£702)

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Children's Dentist

Our orofacial Sessions

Please note, this service is only available to clients who have already completed a full Orofacial assessment.

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Girl Relaxing


Breathing Re-Education


This is a 4 session course to help you regain control over your nasal breathing and breathing patterns.

During these 4 sessions, you will explore with a certified practitioner Buteyko techniques designed to improve your nasal breathing.

This course does not include Myofunctional Therapy techniques.


Each session is up to 45 minutes. The complete course is £200

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