RCSLT: RC0020441
HCPC: SL13607

Orofacial Myologist


Emily Kirkcaldy SALT

Speech and Language Therapist

Buteyko Breathing Practitioner

Emily has over 17 years working as a Speech and Language Therapist in a variety of settings, including treating oro-motor difficulties and voice disorders. A journey to help her own Daughter led her to train in Myofunctional Therapy with the AOMT, and also in Buteyko Breathing. Having seen huge benefits in her, as well her clients, she is truly passionate about how proper functioning of the tongue, facial muscles and airway underpins so much of our health, wellbeing and day to day functions.

Emily's background working with adults and children of all ages, including people with learning difficulties, allows her to tailor your therapy to make goals enjoyable and achievable.