Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important and we strongly recommend that you continue with your regular oral hygiene routine, particularly if you are  unable to go to your regular appointments. This is particularly crucial for those with gum problems as neglect can escalate this into more serious issues.

Unfortunately we are not currently providing face-to-face dental hygiene appointments, however we have a selection of Tele oral health services available.

Our experts are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and are insured for Telehealth provision during the CoVid - 19 pandemic. You can find full details of the GDC guidelines here.

We are offering:


  • Remote guided oral hygiene mini appointments


  • Remote oral health dental assessments for the following:

       - Painful teeth

       - Gum inflammation

       - Localised irritation of the gums

       - Patches or mouth irregularities 

       - Bleeding gums

       - Bad breath


  • Remote emergency dental assessments

In recognition of their hard work and sacrifice, we are offering NHS and nursing home staff and key workers special discounts on Telehealth oral health appointments, see more below.


For more details,  call, Whatsapp or email us to arrange an appointment via Telehealth

We look forward to seeing you again soon and thank you for your patience and support. Stay healthy and safe - from all of us at My Dental and Myofunctional Therapy UK.