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Breathing Re-education

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What is Buteyko?

Is a method that consists of a series of breathing exercises and instructions designed specifically reduce over-breathing (hyperventilation).


Many people breathe too much, this alters the natural levels of gases in the blood, reduces oxygen delivery to tissues and organs, and causes constriction of the smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels and airways. This can lead to many health issues.


Normalising breathing volume and switching from mouth to nose breathing can dramatically help to alleviate many health problems. Including oral breathing which dehydrates the oral cavity (Xerostomia), increasing the risk of tooth decay, gum inflammation (gingivitis), bad breath (Halitosis).

Buteyko Breathing re-education is one of the techniques we can use as part of your Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy sessions to help normalise the Orofcaial complex functions. We create a unique blend of treatments and techniques tailored to the individual.

Buteyko Breathing Re-Education


This is a 4 session course to help you regain control over your nasal breathing and breathing patterns.

During these 4 sessions, you will explore with a certified practitioner Buteyko techniques designed to improve your nasal breathing.

This course does not include Myofunctional Therapy techniques.


Each session is up to 30 minutes. The complete course is £200

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