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Providing an introduction to the fundamentals of good Dental, Orofacial, and Airway Health.

MyoBreathe™, the afterschool club for primary school children (aged 5-11), designed to demonstrate and help them understand the benefits of effective nasal breathing. 

MyoBreathe™ is a 5-week club where children and their parents meet once per week in a fun learning way via zoom at 6.30pm GMT for 30 minutes with one of our trained instructors and each week complete fun tasks and activities.  You also have some fun homework activities to complete so you can track your progress.

MyoBreathe™ costs £45 and includes the MyoBreathe™ toolkit required for each week.

The benefits your child will receive when taking this course is:

  • Improved dental hygiene

  • ​Improved oral health

  • Improved diet

  • Improved nasal breathing

  • Improved oral postures

  • Improve body posture

  • Improved sleep hygiene

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For more information regarding the programme, pricing and date availability, please email

Myofunctional Therapy UK is honoured to be subsidising these programmes, to help children learn the importance of nasal breathing and good oral postures.

Your donation allows us to continue this work and reach a wider audience.

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