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Myo Munchee Adult age guidelines: 12 years to adult / A unique device that initiates natural chewing

Adult Myo Munchee


Myo Munchee Adult age guidelines: from 14 years through to 90 years and beyond


The Myo Munchee is an oral device that helps strengthen lip and facial muscles, helps correct breathing patterns, and improves the health of teeth and gums, all by doing something incredibly simple...chewing


 Why would an adult need to chew a Myo Munchee?  It's comparable to 'why do we need to go to the gym? '10 mins of chewing per day will help to keep the lips, face, and jaw functioning optimally. Optimal chewing practice also assists with

 keeping bone integrity

nasal breathing

correct resting tongue

and oral posture stability


Unfortunately, we are very sedentary. Modern practices of sitting in a chair all day have big impacts on body posture, and similarly, modern processed diets have detrimental impacts on our oral posture. The answer... move more, CHEW more!


Myo Munchee ADULT is suitable for most adults and accommodates people from 12 to 14 years of age.


Please refer to the Width Measurement Chart to confirm suitability for this size.