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Arya Tamayo-Myerson.png

Arya Tamayo-Myerson
o Breathing Practitioner 


After being diagnosed with ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia at a young age, Arya has worked hard to understand, research and apply Myofunctional Therapy and Buteyko breathing re-education. He has been practicing these methods for a while now with great results, and has now added Wim Hof to his practice. This has given him first-hand experience and knowledge to the benefits it brings to children’s lives when taught how to breathe correctly. 


Arya has completed his Buteyko Practitioner's training with Buteyko Clinic International. He has been instrumental in putting together the ideas of the MyoBreathe Afterschool Club.

Meet the Practitioners


Rumana Husein - Headshot.jpg

Rumana Husein


Myofunctional Therapist

Buteyko Breathing Practitioner

Dental Hygienist and Therapist


Rumana qualified as a dental hygienist in 1990 at Leeds Dental Hospital. Since qualification she has worked in a variety of central London private practices, obtained a teaching certificate that enabled her to teach dental nurses and small groups, and worked as a training development manager for a large dental corporate. She has also worked with the media, written articles for dental publications and was involved in various TV appearances including ‘Richard and Judy’ regarding the ‘tongue manicure’ treatment.

Rumana has dedicated time and energy to exploring dental hygiene programmes abroad in India, working in Pune, India at the teaching hospital lecturing dental students and also giving oral health talks to charities and schools.

With her interest in the function of the tongue and oral musculature, Rumana has trained with the AAOMT and qualified as an orafacial myofunctional therapist and has also undergone further training in head and neck acupuncture.

Monika Andrzejewska Maczuga RDN OMT.jpg

Monika Andrzejewska- Maczuga RDN OMT
Registered Dental Nurse
Myofunctional Therapy Assistant


Monika has lived and worked in Wimbledon for the last 15 years. She started her career as a trainee dental nurse in 2016. She now holds NEBDA National Diploma in Dental Nursing. She is passionate about changing patients lives for the better. In October 2018 she attended a comprehensive training in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy in New York. She is a trained Myofunctional Therapy Assistant.

Monika speaks Polish and English

Yulli Tamayo-Myerson.jpg

Yulli Tamayo-Myerson RHDT BBM
Registered De
ntal Hygienist and Therapist
GDC 104600

Дизайн без названия (36).png

Ildiko Fulop RDN

Head Dental Nurse GDC 256894

Trainee Myofunctional Therapy Assisstant


Ildiko has over 7 years’ experience in dentistry. She is friendly, calm, gentle and kind.
Ildiko’s amicable nature immediately puts everyone at ease. She enjoys all aspects of dentistry, in particular orthodontics and paediatric dentistry. She loves to get involved in understanding the details of each case she assists with.

She now holds NEBDA National Diploma in Dental Nursing and attended a comprehensive online training in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy in March 2022.

Outside of work Ildiko likes cooking, spending time in nature, and socializing with friends.

▪︎ GDC: 256894
▪︎ National Diploma in Dental Nursing NEBDN 2015
▪︎ BDA Education Certificate in Dental Radiography 2016

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