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Here are a few words from some of our patients and colleagues...

Special Needs

“We started working with Yulli in May 2018.  My 12-year-old son has a diagnosis of autism and he suffered from poor focus, difficulty sleeping and his speech was both limited and often unclear.  After an initial assessment Yulli said that he had a tendency to mouth breathing.  I was impressed by Yulli’s professionalism, her knowledge of her specialist area and her ability to build an instant rapport with my son.  So we began the programme. 


Within two months we noticed a significant difference in three key areas.  My son was sleeping through the night for over eight hours regularly which was a huge improvement.  He was able to focus better and his communication went to a new level.  Now after five months he repeats pretty much everything I say and is starting to produce

spontaneous sentences.   As an additional benefit all of his other therapies are working better, his appetite has increased, and he eats a greater variety of foods. 


As parents of an autistic child we have tried many treatments and therapies over the years. Orofacial myofunctional therapy has been one of the most successful, fast-acting and cost-effective therapies we have discovered. I am now very excited to see what the future holds for my son in 2019.

L.D, Mother of an autistic child

Special needs_L.D.

Please thank Yulli for today - she was amazing with our 7 year old son as he laid in the chair for some cranial work and was super calm, tolerating way more than I was expecting. Yulli is amazing! No idea how she does it. I’m not sure I have seen him sit that still ever! 


I also asked her to check my jaw which has been grinding worse this last week and she kindly had a look and told me to change what I’m doing to stop putting my jaw places it shouldn’t be going. Something hasn’t been feeling at all right, and it’s such a relief to know what it is and how to not do it again.

Very grateful for all Yulli’s care for both of us. 


Many thanks again for what the whole team are doing to enable us both to keep being treated. 


Mother of an autistic child

Special Needs_2

After 4 sessions of infant MyoBlend with Yulli, our son now does the following: 

  • Eats 3 meals a day and feeds himself with a spoon.

  • Chews all his food

  • Sleeps much better no more gas

  • Drinks from a straw and cup

  • Is no longer constipated 

  • Will use the myomunchie and we continue to use this on a daily basis

  • Nursery have commented on how much improvement he has made

We are over the moon with how far he has come and seems really happy. Thank you for all your help

“Dramatic improvement in my daughter’s feeding from consultation which just continued to improve.


Gave me confidence to push the NHS for tongue tie division - once completed this has continued to help my daughter’s tongue range of movement.


2 months on from tongue tie division, it appears my daughter’s movement/healing has been successful with help of exercises provided.


Change in my daughter’s head shape, spreading her features out.


Slow, but progressive improvement in her body movements, she is now doing body rolls on her own!!”

New Google review about Myofunctional Therapy_edited.png

“Yulli and her team are fantastic!


After 8 months of my newborn son having trouble breastfeeding, waking every 30 mins-1hour, terrible reflux, I was recommended to see Yulli. It was the best decision I ever made for my son!


She quickly diagnosed his posterior tongue tie, lip tie and buccal ties and started him on treatment sessions every 2 weeks to prepare him for the release to be done in a clinic in Brussels that they work closely with.


The difference that the treatments had on him were phenomenal, he became calmer, was sleeping better and even feeding better. Once he had the release done with laser and had his post-op sessions with Yulli, he was like a different child completely! No longer waking at night, pain free, happy and able to digest milk and food properly. It even changed the structure of his face, he was no longer tight in the jaw and look more comfortable.


To say it changed his life is not an exaggeration. I can’t thank Yulli and her wonderful team enough for giving me the support and guidance I needed after 8 months of being told by GP, midwives and lactation nurse that there was nothing wrong with him and that I just needed to give him a bottle instead. Thank goodness I followed my gut instinct and eventually found Myofunctional Therapy UK!


My son went from being a very agitated baby who was struggling to gain weight and unwell all the time, to a happy and content baby who was then gaining weight and thriving.

Jemma, 8 months baby patient's mum

with Tongue tie, Open Mouth Posture, Tongue Thrust, Shallow latch, Feeding and Sleep Disturbances.

Sleep Disorders

“We have consulted with Yulli over the past year, and have learnt a great deal from her about orofacial myofunctional therapy. Our son has benefitted greatly from her approach. His sleep has improved, as well as the function and tone of his oral and facial muscles. Through this therapy, we have also been able to achieve mouth closure for our son as well as facial symmetry - this in itself has been a major achievement, as no past therapies have helped in this regard. We are very happy we found Yulli (she was highly recommended to us by another parent) and plan to continue consulting with her, and learning from her. "

Patient's mum

SD -our son

“My two daughters are under treatment at the clinic, and their teeth look much better. Now they can sleep all night without problem with their breathing. Excellent staff, very friendly and high standards of service"

J.F, Patient's dad

I just want to say thank you for yesterday I have just had the best nights sleep for months. I have woke up so rested and did not have one hot flush that woke me last night I feel like a different person plus in addition I feel like my energy within me is flowing (I did not know it was even blocked) my feet are tingling and I feel like my head can breath / energy flowing so thank you. Did you conduct reiki on me yesterday as I was so relaxed and whilst you were doing this I had a vision of me as a 11 year old in bed (felt mentally I was younger but I know I was in that bedroom from 11) snuggled under the blankets in a foetal position as my parents argued. I am not sure if this is true or my mind making it up but wanted to share with you as may have linked into the treatment  and be useful for you to know.

Thank you again Yulli and enjoy your lecture today. You will blow them away with the case of the young girl. Thank you for sharing your presentation with us and that video. I believe this is confirming to Joshua that his ideas he suspected are being confirmed by the work you undertake and this is so exciting for him. So thank you again for sharing and taking the time to speak to him about it.

Aren’t we fortunate to have met you! It was obviously a meant to be :)


Sleep Disorders
Tongue Function

“I have just completed my ninth week of OMT with Yulli. The way I swallow, the position of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and the function of the muscles on my face have improved throughout that time. This has required a lot of work and focus and I know that there is still a lot of work to be done.

At the beginning of this treatment, I knew that I was not functioning correctly and Yulli helped me to understand more precisely what I was going wrong. She has then showed me clearly week by week how I can improve. The guidance that I have received is invaluable. It is great to have someone to chat to who is passionate about improving you as well as knowledgeable about any struggles you might have and offering solutions for these. This is shown by the additional Buteyko breathing exercises she has shown me as well as ways to improve my posture.

As an adult, changing your oral myofunctional habits requires hard work. Having Yulli alongside you to make sure that the effort you put in is going to give you the best outcome is extremely reassuring and helps encourage you to improve further."

T.H / Patient

The drawing is a visual representation of how myofunctional therapy has improved my overall health.  Until meeting Yulli, I didn't appreciate how essential swallowing is to everyday life.  Years spent unintentionally cultivating poor oral habits and dysfunctional patterns of movement had pervasive impacts on my health. 


Yulli worked meticulously with me to identify and assess oral facial deficits, imbalances and overcompensations.  The result was a holistic plan of treatment to address a variety of issues causing health troubles.  I’ve experienced a massive change and improvement in the strength of my neck, jaw, lips, cheeks, tongue and vocal chords.  I’ve also seen positive changes in my digestion, posture, sleep quality, jaw pain and facial symmetry.


Yulli, her team and extended network of dentists, dieticians, breathing practitioners, and chiropractors offered wonderful support every step of the way during treatment to help me reach my goals and optimum health.  Their kind encouragement, dedication, compassion, expansive knowledge, and attention to detail made all the difference in my therapy and were very much appreciated

Testimonial drawing.png
Tongue Function_1
Tongue Function_2
Tongue Tie

"Myofunctional therapy has changed my life. My son was born a year, and he had a tongue tie which caused numerous issues. During this time I read a lot about tongue ties, and came across myofunctional therapy. My son still had some remaining issues following his second tongue tie division, and we realised that my husband also had a tie, so we searched for a myofunctional therapist in the UK and found Yulli. I didn't know that I also had a tongue tie and related issues, but Yulli spotted this during the consultation with my husband and son. I had a full assessment with Yulli, and realised that many issues that had bothered me throughout my life may have been caused by tongue tie. I have always needed to sleep for a very long time, and never felt refreshed on waking.

The night after my assessment with Yulli I realised this was due to my tongue being pulled back into my airway by my tie, and never being able to get into a deep sleep. I was planning on delaying starting myofunctional therapy until my husband and son had finished, and I'd been back at work for a while (I was just about to finish maternity leave), but this realisation meant that I knew I needed to start as soon as possible. I started soon after, and immediately started sleeping better. My life long dry lips were no longer dry. I had my tongue tie divided a couple of months later by Charlotte Van Belle in Belgium, and in addition to a further improvement in my sleep I had some other very unexpected benefits ...Immediately after the procedure I felt a deep relaxation in my body (like I'd been on a yoga/meditation retreat), and it's remained that way ever since. Even more unexpected, I've had hip problems my whole life, and have had two surgeries for impingement, and still had some pain. Immediately after the procedure my hips relaxed, and 90% of the pain was gone. Walking has always been hard work for me, and after the procedure it was significant easier. I could cross my legs comfortably for the first time in my life. I saw an osteopath many times before and after the division, and she was amazed at the significant increase in comfortable easy range of motion in my hips. A line of tension down the left side of my body through my neck, chest, abs, hip, adductor and calf was largely gone. I found the procedure itself quite painful and was in a bit of shock after, but the pain was much less a couple of hours later, and just a dull ache the next day. I'm now 6 months post procedure, and have been doing myofunctional therapy exercises religiously.

In my recent progress report the results were remarkable - 1.5mm palate expansion, closure of open bite, improved jaw/chin definition, improved head posture. My sleep is much better, but I still have good and bad nights, as I still have an amount of tongue tie remaining (probably wasn't accessible during the first division). I'm getting it divided again in a month's time, and counting down the days. In the meantime, I've been trying to convince many family members, friends and colleagues to do Myofunctional Therapy (so many of them seem to have issues), the benefit to myself, my husband and son is truly life changing.” 

B.M - Myofunctional Therapy patient with postural issues and tethered oral tissue

I had problems with my tongue-tie for many years but we were not sure how to access the correct treatment.  Fortunately we met Yulli and after lengthy discussions decided to commence with her suggested treatment. We started treatment because I had restricted movement in my tongue, and my tongue-tie was sore and got stuck in my teeth. I also got frequent back and headaches and found it difficult to get to sleep. Our experience was great and rather easy as we were referred to a chiropractor to further my treatment and therefore my treatment was fully successful. My general well being and health has improved as I am relatively pain free. My backaches, headaches and sleeping and breathing issues are practically gone. 


My breathing has changed so much since starting treatment as it is now easier to breathe and I don’t feel as though I gasp for breath anymore. I sleep much better than I used to as it takes me about half the time to fall asleep. My posture has improved since getting treatment as I find it easier to sit up straight and my back is less sore. My tongue position has changed as it used to sit on the bottom of my mouth and it now sits at the top of my mouth (where it should!!). My understanding of mouth breathing vs nasal breathing after therapy is that you get shorter breaths when you breathe through your mouth and therefore nasal breathing means you fill your lungs with air. 


My tongue tie was somewhat painful and came with a lot of restrictions, including that I could not touch the soft palate of my mouth with my tongue or pronounce words properly. However, the release was quick and did not cause too much discomfort and meant that I could move my tongue further. Under Yulli’s care we felt as though we were heard, understood and cared for. We are very grateful for her support.

I had my tongue tie / lip tie release yesterday morning. It was actually beautiful, as they snipped away I felt areas of tension all over my face, head and shoulders literally  ping away. My mouth feels quite rotten now but I did want to share something with you .. 

I don’t want to speak too soon ... but the moment I sat up in her chair, for the first time in 2 years there was no massive thumping, tugging, numbness or pain behind my nose / face. 

She took my fixed retainer out and I’ve been really sore so haven’t worn my splint for 24 hours. This is the first time in 18 months I’ve been able to bear it being out for more than an hour. 

I know I have a way to go but I think you might have given me my life back.  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s been so so dark for so long. I want to live because i can see a pain free future. 

I’m crying as I write this - usually crying really hurts my face. This is my first pain free cry in years. Thankyou Thankyou thankyou xx“


Patient with TMJ disorder

I have been using Myofunctional Therapy for two of my children - both with significant tongue tie. They have very different personalities and attention levels, and both experience different issues resulting from the tongue tie.


I was quite nervous at first as it was a big investment money wise for me, however I am extremely grateful for all the time, effort and support the whole team have given us as a family. Everyone I have spoken to, whether it be about payments, booking appointments or actually the therapists within the appointments, have been approachable knowledgeable and focused on doing what is best for my children. What is so refreshing is that the children and I are listened to and our views and experiences are taken into consideration. I truly feel like the whole team are rooting for my children to succeed and both my children have developed beautiful relationships with the therapists. The sessions are child friendly and I feel encouraged to ask questions and be a part of the therapy.


The team have also consulted with other professionals that they have contacted, to get advice regarding my children - in particular with my son who struggles with saliva control, and they have also been keen to talk to the OT and SALT who are already involved with my children, so that everyone is on the same page.


I highly recommend the team and will always be grateful for their input in my children's lives. 

L.A, Mother to two of our patients

Speech Issues

My daughter has been having difficulties with her speech and despite receiving lots of speech therapy, she made little progress. We were recommended to contact Yulli at Myofunctional Therapy and my daughter had a full assessment with her which was a real eye-opener.


My daughter has now had 5 months of Myofunctional therapy with Jenny and the change in my daughter is truly unbelievable. Not only is her speech so much clearer, she is also sleeping better and her concentration has improved. This in turn has really increased her confidence.


Jenny has been absolutely amazing, she is so professional and knowledgeable, and is so good with my daughter. It has been hard work, but Jenny has been there every step of the way for both my daughter and me. We really look forward to our sessions with her.


We still have more therapy ahead of us, but I am very excited about the future for my daughter.

TMJ Disorder

I came to Yulli in April 2019, after suffering severely from a previous surgery a few months prior. This was to remove two screws from my chin from jaw surgery.


The soft tissue trauma from having to be completely de-gloved during surgery in that area, caused complications and extreme discomfort. I also had trauma to my tongue and airway from the intubation tube. My tongue was more or less stuck to the floor of my mouth from trauma, as well as having an undiagnosed tongue tie, my jaw alignment and chin started to move due to all the restrictions that I had and also restrictions caused by the surgery.  Due to the tongue being affected from the surgery, I suffered with eating and swallowing and had forgotten how to do this. I was in a bad way when I started treatment with Yulli. Not only was I having to deal with the discomfort, but also being told by my surgeon that I was imagining these issues. My lower lip and mentalis muscle were extremely weak, to where I would have to tape it shut at night so that my mouth could stay closed whilst I slept. I had no strength in the soft tissues under the lower lip, which caused me huge discomfort.


Yulli suggested we strengthen all the muscles of the mouth and work towards having a tongue tie release. I went to Belgium to have this done and can honestly say it changed my life having it done. I was very nervous of having another procedure, after having a lot of trauma to that area, however I trusted Yulli and I cannot explain enough how much it helped me and gave me relief with the issues I was having. The more the tongue healed from the release, the more my jaw alignment improved and so did a lot of my discomforts.


I was a very complicated and unusual case for Yulli, however over 2 years of pure determination and amazing help and treatment from Yulli, I can now say I am much happier and more comfortable than when I first came to the clinic. My jaw alignment and my chin are in a far better position than after my original jaw surgery and most importantly I am comfortable and happy. I wasn’t imagining these issues like I had been told and it was very relieving to know that Yulli understood what was happening and cared to get me back to myself again. I have a lot to thank Yulli for!

R.W patient with Lupus and chin surgery

New Google review about Myofunctional Therapy_edited.png

"I cannot recommend Yulli enough! I’ve had chronic pain from TMJ with constant headaches for 3 years. I have seen osteos physios acupuncturists you name it! Her unique accupuncture technique is incredibly effective at relieving muscle tension and spasms and also was incredibly helpful at illuminating the muscle dysfunction and imbalance in ways that neurologists/dentists and scans were unable to see.
She is incredibly knowledgable and I trust her fully - my pain is a result of a dentist having no understanding of the effect of changing your bite…therefore it is incredibly refreshing to feel safe in her hands and her deep understanding of the mouth/tongue/jaw and everything related. I shockingly couldn’t find anyone in london to treat tmj and the dental treatment alone was far from enough so I cannot explain my relief at finding Yulli. I wish I had met her earlier. I cannot name the amount of private specialists from neurologists to pain specialists and beyond that I have visited to no avail - I only wish Yulli could have a school to re-educate dentists amongst many other doctors too!!!"

C.P., patient with chronic TMJ pain and headaches for 3 years

Read the review on Google >

TMJ Chilli
Primitive Reflexes

I understand that Andrea is coming on board - I am so pleased. The kids and I are so lucky to have found you and your team, and we feel similarly with regards to Andrea. She is fantastic, so professional and child focused, and she always listens to me, as do you/Monica/Emily/Jenny. We are so lucky to have you all supporting us!


Mother of 3, 2 with special needs


"Having experienced problems with my posture and joint pain for many years I undertook Yulli's programme of myofunctional therapy and arranged for a division of my tongue tie. The benefits have been numerous and my quality of life is significantly improved. The before and after photos show how much straighter my neck is. The way is walk is more even, a benefit I hadn't anticipated, and I no longer have pain in my ankle. I sleep better, breathe better, and have much less pain. Although I still experience some back pain I'm optimistic of further improvement. Overall I'm delighted with the outcome and excited for the future” 

B.M - Myofunctional Therapy patient with postural issues and tethered oral tissue


“Yulli is a true inspiration. Having trained in Myofunctional Therapy myself, I was very nervous of jumping in and starting treatment. She offered me to shadow her at her office and welcome me with open arms. She's a friend for life and so glad I've found someone who shares this passion. MFT is a huge missing piece of the health puzzle and should not be overlooked. Thanks Yulli"

C.S, Dental Hygienist/Therapist & Myofunctional Therapist

“Yulli  was kind enough to allow me to shadow her before I applied to train as a Hygienist and Therapist myself. This insight was really valuable and her friendly and professional yet personable approach is why her patients feel at ease with her. She knows her stuff and is continually topping up her professional development to eep abreast of the latest evidence to utilise in her work. She is an excellent member of the dental profession and I trust her opinion and work "

D.K, Dental Hygienist and Therapist

Team Testimonials

"The professionalism and care that Yulli brings to her work is outstanding. She is by far the best dental hygienist I have come across, and looks after her patients' oral health using the latest technology and without causing pain or discomfort."


“Yulli is very knowledgeable and is continually topping up her professional development to keep abreast of the latest evidence  to utilise in her work. She is an excellent member of the dental profession and I trust her opinion and work .”


“Yulli is nice and very professional. Totally recommend her! The best! 10 stars!”


“You guys have been fantastic, especially Monika who is just such a skilled and thoughtful person. She is a real credit to you all.”

P.E / Patient

I just wanted to take the time again to thank you for everything you have done to help us. Please may you forward this to Yulli and Matt too. I want them to know how much we appreciate the help you have given.

Your kindness was wonderful and we are so grateful as a family for the support you have shown us. I wish you all the best and I think the service you are providing is amazing. Thank you.

Just a little update... C is doing better but still has a little way to go with relearning but we have seen a lot of progress. Also, I am going to keep trying E with the exercises, she is getting there slowly and as she gets older she is more co operative with exercises all the time. I'm hoping the older she gets the more she will be able / willing to do them. I will hopefully be in touch in the near future to carry on E’s therapy at some point.

Thank you again.

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